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About Us

Find Calm Here is an online community offering resources to learn, grow, and build mindful habits by hosting virtual events and cultivating conversations around meditation, yoga, essential oils, massage, self-care, healthy lifestyles, minimalism, organization, building resilience, stress management, and positive mindsets focused on helping you find calm.

Why You Should Join Us

The Find Calm Community shares resources through conversations that unlock shared wisdom to adapt, engage, innovate, and change the world for an improved global experience that allows us to thrive, not just survive. 

Our mission is to support our members to take them from chaos to calm in all aspects of life.

What are you struggling with? Getting healthy? Sticking to a budget? Finding time to clean the clutter? Starting a business? Growing a community? Building a network? The Find Calm Here Community has experts in ALL of these fields, and more, visit the Partner page to learn more https://findcalmhere.com/find-calm-partners/

Member Benefits

> Access to all recorded virtual events with experts in a variety of topics

> Connect with experts and the opportunity for one-on-one coaching

> Support of community focused on reaching goals to change their life

> Exclusive “Member Only” Community Events

> Weekly challenges to get you to reach your goals

> Fun community-building virtual events including happy hours and game nights

A Global Community

We have experts from all corners of the world alongside members who are supporting each other to achieve goals. Our partners come from Mexico, Australia, Spain, and 12 US states from the East to the West Coast. This allows us to not only have immense diversity in topics we cover; including wellness, business, creativity, mindfulness, health, fitness - but also a perspective from world-wide experts who bring unique experiences to share. 

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