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Deb Schell

😌 Find Calm Here Community 😌

Deb Schell

Welcome to 😌 Find Calm Here Community 😌

Global 🌐community offering resources to learn, grow, and build mindful habits.😌

About Us

Find Calm Here is an online community offering resources to learn, grow, and build mindful habits by hosting interactive workshops and cultivating conversations around self-care practices, healthy lifestyles, incorporating minimalism, building resilience, creating stress management processes, and creating positive mindsets focused on helping you find calm.

Deb Schell is the founder of Find Calm Here, a community offering mindful resources for those seeking to find calm through the process of creating their ideal lifestyle.
With the experiences she's found helped her, she helps others incorporate a sense of peace through the process of developing a wellness practice, building a business, and achieving financial freedom.
Inside the Find Calm Here Community, she offers members a safe space to continue the conversations around her uniquely designed C A L M Method of Clarity, Awareness, Learning, and Motion. This process is how Deb paid off $46K of debt, left her stressful corporate job, and built an online business during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.
She believes that it is possible to find calm in building a business, designing personal wellness, and creating financial freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams.
The Find Calm Here Community offers several resources for those seeking calm to find strategies that they can incorporate into daily life including:
  • Interactive workshops with mindfulness speakers
  • A private community to connect, support, and share
  • Inspirational quotes and links to mindful offerings
  • Monthly meetups, social coffee chats, and happy hours
  • Monthly AMA via "office hours" 
  • Workshops to help you incorporate the C A L M Method 

What Our Members Say

“Deb summed it up for me during our call today: When you gain clarity, it takes away the anxiety, and that’s how you find calm… I’ve been feeling motivated recently after finding calm in my time management/procrastination issue. I could finally set goals for myself because I’m less anxious. Deb has created an amazing community called “Find Calm Here.” It’s only been less than a month since I’ve joined, but I’ve got so much support from her and others in the community!”- Sandy

“Find Calm Here is a wonderful community and I highly recommend that everyone should go check it out!! It has helped me get more motivated in things I would never think to even do and for things I was pushing off. Everyone is full of only positivity and every session there is something new.” – Kali

“Find Calm Here is a kind and thoughtful refuge from the immediacy of today. Some of the good habits that I’ll take with me after our collective 20/20 reset developed here. Great ideas, positive vibes, and fellow travelers cheering us on.” – Catharene

“Deb put’s on great virtual events and I really enjoy the coaching she does. She is a great listener, and I enjoyed how she was able to make everyone at the event feel important. I’m excited to attend more events by Deb and Find Calm Here.” – Allison
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