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Together we find calm building communities on the Mighty Network

Find Calm Here Community ๐Ÿ˜Œ

About Us

A community for Community Builders, by Community Builders ย 

You just decided to launch your first community to connect your clients, students, colleagues, or friends inside your Mighty Network so that they can accomplish something amazing together.ย 
Launching a new venture is exciting but it can be a lot of work.

Maybe you've already opened the doors and have invited your members inside but they aren't responding to your content, posts, polls, or events.ย 

Maybe you aren't seeing the financial results you need to keep the doors open.
This is the place for you!ย 

Together we help you find calm in building, launching, and growing your community.ย 

Can you relate to any of the following?
  • Overwhelmed with learning new things and stressed about trying to figure out the tech
  • Don't have time to move a course or group from another platform to your Mighty Network
  • Need clarity on the purpose of your community and why your members will want to stay
  • Want help with creating an awesome member experience so that they keep coming back
  • Need support from someone to help you onboard your members and provide tech assistance
  • Members in a community you've already launched aren't contributing and/or attending events
  • You have a free Mighty Network but aren't converting members to your paid course or groups
What we do togetherย 
We all know something unique and together, we can share what is really exciting as you build, launch, and grow your Mighty Network. In this safe space, you can trust that we all want to offer support to each other by sharing our unique experiences, successes, and struggles.ย 

What You Should Expect From Find Calm Here Community ๐Ÿ˜Œ
Iโ€™m aiming to make your experience here awesome. To do so, I am sharing with you what I've learned from working with more than 20 Mighty Network Hosts and as a Community Manager for a Mighty Network.ย 
  • The latest community-building industry-leading trends and resources all in this space and curated for MN Hosts.ย 
  • Ability to connect with other MN Hosts who have worked with me and have built, launched, and run a Mighty Network.
  • Learn from workshops, training, and video tutorials when new MN features are available and how to customize these tools for your network.
  • Live sessions for accountability, answers to your tech questions, and connecting with us to find a little inspiration and thought-provoking conversations all about community building!ย 
  • Notification on when a Find Calm Here Podcast is LIVE to learn from expert community builders.
Find Calm with building your Mighty Network with tools & resources that I use with my clients to help you have a successful launch, grow your membership, and tackle any challenge with the support of peers in a safe space thatโ€™s affordable and enjoyable!

What Our Members Say
"Deb knows MN inside and out so she is fully dedicated to helping you succeed. "
- Amelia Sherry

โ€œDeb is an experienced online community connector, facilitator, and guide who gives her community 110% and shares all she knows with generosity and professionalism. I was wowed by Deb's contribution.โ€ย 
- Analesa Berg
โ€œDeb is very responsive, purpose-driven, and solutions-focused. Sheโ€™s also a kind, delightful, and compassionate human being to work with. I highly recommend hiring Deb and joining her Mighty Mastermind."ย 
- Carol Chapman

"This mastermind is a great place where you meet professionals that are on the same path as you. They come from different industries, use different approaches, some are few steps ahead of you, some are behind. This is a place where you learn, get ideas, connect, build friendships, business relationships and grow as a person and as a professional."ย 
- Ani Papazyan
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